HI THERE!!!!! Call me Ro ;)

I love draw so if I ever grow up I want to be a graphic designer, an illustrator or animator, in another words sth relacioneted with art. So here i'm going to post all my progress hope you enjoy it.

All advices are welcome

Thanks for visit C:



sorry bout the big shadow the light source is right above my head


Long time without posting something, so here is baby Groot because he is amazingly beautiful and if you have not seen the movie I implore you to see it now,

This will be probably my new fandom *-*


revisiting the good old underwater theme.



Rick Riordan talks about the Origins of Percy.



i was watching Pride and Prejudice and got distracted by background characters oops

Que bonito dibujas :)

Alakjsdlsdsñla….. Me alegraste el dia jajaja muchas Gracias <3<3<3<3<3


I’ve been seeing a lot of Luna Lovegood on my dash lately and I wanted to join the fun. So here’s a Luna for your dash.

music player codey
viwan themes